Articles tagged with health

Pamela Ronald

Genetically modified foods are safe for humans and pose no special environmental risk. Yet there are serious policy questions to consider.

J. Phillip Thompson

Dr. King’s goal was full employment and universal health care.

Andrea Louise Campbell

The Affordable Care Act is a monumental accomplishment.

David V. Johnson Pamela S. Karlan

Pam Karlan on the Supreme Court’s Health Care Ruling.

Marcia Angell

Relationships between academic institutions and biotechnology companies create conflicts of interest that undermine the goals of academic medicine and harm the public.

Rachel Glennerster Michael Kremer

That people respond to the relative costs and returns of schooling might imply that the poor are optimizing the amount of school they invest in, as predicted in a simple economic model. But evidence suggests that reality is more complex.

Sandra J. Tanenbaum

A fierce debate that ignores patients.

Anne Fausto-Sterling

The new search for the biology of race.

Suzanne Gordon

Can doctors change how they think?

Pamela S. Karlan

 If Congress had voted to provide every American with health care through a national health service, that new law would be safe from constitutional challenge.