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Tag: Iraq

Joseph Margulies

Far from a relic of the past, September 11 continues to normalize state-sanctioned barbarity.

Chris Hedges

Any story of war is a story of elites preying on the weak, the gullible, the marginal, the poor.

Alan A. Stone
Settling the Cinematic Torture Debate
David V. Johnson
An Interview with Rajiv Chandrasekaran
Stephen M. Walt
A grand new strategy for American foreign policy.
Barry R. Posen
The war as it has evolved badly serves U.S. interests. A well-planned disengagement will serve them much better by reducing military, economic, and political costs.
Alexander B. Downes
History shows that forcing rulers from power rarely works. Even apparently successful regime changes often leads to bitter civil war.
Nir Rosen

On one of those early days of the war, Mu’min and his father drove to the airport to take food to his uncle, a soldier in the Republican Guard. They found him shot to death.

Nir Rosen

What changed in Iraq.

Nir Rosen
The Iraq War Spreads.