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Tag: Latin America

Katharine S. Walter
Until COVID-19, tuberculosis killed more people each year than any other infectious disease. Its rising toll is increasingly fueled by mass incarceration.
Éric Morales-Franceschini
A “woke” remake that peddles in symbolic representation is not the film Puerto Ricans deserve.
Nico Alvarado
Is there any more hopeful and heartening life story in American poetry than that of Frank Lima?
Matthew Fishbane
Nicola Miller
The region has a long legacy of critical engagement with classical political economy, helping to change the way we think about markets and morals.
Marcelo K. Silva, Gianpaolo Baiocchi
The Brazilian president’s offensive against universities threatens democracy and recalls the dark years of the country’s dictatorship.
Milli Lake, Marie E. Berry
Some gender equality initiatives help to reinforce exclusion rather than dismantle it.
Kirsten Weld
The dramatic history of Guatemala’s National Police archive illustrates the crucial role of state archives in protecting democracy.
Benjamin H. Bradlow
Jair Bolsonaro’s presidential victory in Brazil is the latest win for right-wing movements around the globe.
Marcelo K. Silva, Gianpaolo Baiocchi
Far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro is within an inch of the presidency. His popularity suggests Brazilian politics might never be the same.