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Mohammad Fadel

The notion that elimination of the Muslim Brotherhood would produce a liberal democratic order was wishful thinking.

Blaydes - Rashad - feature
Lisa Blaydes

Movements need new members, and new members mean reform.

Akbar Ganji

Including translations of Khamenei's speeches from 1990 to the present.

Haroon Moghul

The kinds of sacred spaces we worked for are not just possible; they exist. On the other side of the planet. Under occupation.

Nasser Hussain

“The drones were terrifying. The buzz of a distant propeller is a constant reminder of imminent death.”

Elizabeth Whitman

Jordanian mothers with non-Jordanian husbands cannot pass along citizenship to their children. The results are devastating, but a growing campaign is committed to change.

Akbar Ganji

What will it take to revive U.S.-Iran relations?

Jeanne Guillemin

The chemical weapons ban should have been made universal years ago.

Assad 408 by 280
Michael Ignatieff

When state order collapses, every confessional or ethnic group asks one question: Who will protect us now?

Rouhani FEMA
Akbar Ganji

Hassan Rouhani’s presidential election creates an opportunity for negotiations with Iran. President Obama should seize it.