Articles tagged with philosophy

Albert W. Dzur

Decatur, Georgia: a town where citizen participation plays a significant role in the daily life of government.

Paula M.L. Moya

Literature helps shape what we consider to be moral in the first place.

Albert W. Dzur

Participatory Innovation in Unlikely Places.

T. M. Scanlon

The appropriateness of blame depends on a person’s attitudes toward others.

Mike Konczal

We need to be cautious. Alternatives to blame may be even worse.

George Sher

A commitment to morality requires blame.

Brian Leiter

Blame began with the triumph of Christianity.

Erin Kelly

We are not morally required to blame wrongdoers.

Gideon Rosen

That we are all perfectly innocent is a radical claim.

Christine M. Korsgaard

Blaming holds people responsible for violating rules we have made collectively.