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Tag: Technology

Marcia Angell

Relationships between academic institutions and biotechnology companies create conflicts of interest that undermine the goals of academic medicine and harm the public.

Sarah Sharma

From laundry to meal prep, apps tend to mimic maternal care. Is this good for women?

Cathy O’Neil

Many visions of the future proliferate in Silicon Valley. Which one is worth fighting for?

Evgeny Morozov, Terry Winograd

Evgeny Morozov answers questions about his new book

Reed Hundt
At last, a unanimous Supreme Court decision in which the Justices agree with... me.
Claude S. Fischer
Concerns about the harms of new devices obscure the ways in which people have long adapted to technologies.
Elizabeth Goitein

The newest report sees nothing illegal about warrantless collection of Americans’ international calls and e-mails.

Claude S. Fischer
Middle-class Americans have alternatively immersed themselves in and withdrawn from public urban spaces.
Andrew Mayersohn
Data can give a sense of scale to political debate.