Articles tagged with war-and-national-security

Neil M. Richards

We are at a critical point in the history of our civil liberties.

Elizabeth Goitein

In the post-Snowden world, it is hard to imagine a more consequential fork in the road.

Beenish Ahmed

A Pakistani family demands acknowledgment of their grandmother's death.

McMahan - Palacios1
Jeff McMahan

Traditional just war theory has it wrong. Soldiers are morally culpable for fighting in unjust wars, and thus deserve the option of selective conscientious objection.

Ronald Deibert

Toward Distributed Security in Cyberspace

Nasser Hussain

“The drones were terrifying. The buzz of a distant propeller is a constant reminder of imminent death.”

Akbar Ganji

What will it take to revive U.S.-Iran relations?

Jeanne Guillemin

The chemical weapons ban should have been made universal years ago.

Assad 408 by 280
Michael Ignatieff

When state order collapses, every confessional or ethnic group asks one question: Who will protect us now?

Vivian Gornick

The cause of Camus's native countrymen moved him, yet he yearned helplessly toward the European culture that had formed him.