Articles tagged with war-and-national-security

Elizabeth Goitein

If we already know the government violated the law, the fact that its actions were subject to oversight does not excuse the violation.

Wajahat Ali

Ambassador Akbar Ahmed discusses the findings of his research into U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan and their effects on the region.

Jonathan Hafetz

Two new books by investigative journalists reveal how the United States relies on drones to make up for its lack of coherent policy in the war on terrorism.

Elizabeth Goitein

On the limitations of secret judicial review.

Cindy Williams

Sequestration won’t gut the military

Chris Hedges

Any story of war is a story of elites preying on the weak, the gullible, the marginal, the poor.

Faiza Patel Elizabeth Goitein

President Obama’s speech on counterterrorism strategy fell short on substance.

Elizabeth Goitein

Republican hawks think Tsarnaev should have been held as an enemy combatant. Their views are wrong and dangerous.

Alan A. Stone

Settling the Cinematic Torture Debate

Oded Na’aman

As you stand at the checkpoint, you must constantly consider the various ways in which you may be attacked.