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Andrew Ross
Mie Inouye

To make change, movements need to build endurance—the capacity to keep people showing up despite their differences.

Juliet Hooker
Charisse Burden-Stelly
Liz Theoharis
Nathan R. DuFord
Daniel Martinez HoSang
Astra Taylor & Leah Hunt-Hendrix
Jodi Dean
Sarah Schulman
William J. Barber II
Alex Gourevitch
Mie Inouye
David Roediger
Mariame Kaba & Kelly Hayes

Movement building requires a culture of listening—not mastery of the right language.

Samuel Moyn

Lionel Trilling crystallizes the cynical Cold War liberalism that sacrificed idealism for self-restraint.

Boston Review
The university plays a central role in broader struggles over economic and political power.
Ben Schacht
On the utopian and dystopian tendencies of our current conjuncture.
Clark Randall

How a little-understood feature of urban finance—municipal bonds—fuels racial inequality.

Boston Review
After years of relative neglect, consumption is once again being politicized.
Salim Vally, Enver Motala

The late South African intellectual and activist—imprisoned on Robben Island alongside Nelson Mandela—fought for a world without race and class. His writings remain essential.

Putting Israel’s recent protests in context.
Ben Schacht
Will workers and the public get a say in how it’s used?
Ben Schacht
From the Magna Carta to the Mexican Revolution, there’s more to them than meets the eye.
David Waldstreicher

What happens when radical historians write for the public.

Joel Whitney

Fifty years ago, the American Indian Movement occupied the site of a historic massacre. They won real gains in the face of brutal counterinsurgency tactics.

Boston Review
Can education fix inequality?
Ben Schacht
The United States routinely contradicts its founding ideals.
Jonathan Levy

Why did Chicago become the headquarters of free market fundamentalism? Adam Smith offers a clue.

nia t. evans

A conversation with Dan Berger and veteran activists Zoharah Simmons and Michael Simmons on the origins of Black Power and the work of coalition building.

Ben Schacht
Paternity is more complex than the stories we tell about it.
Ege Yumusak

In Rules to Win By, Jane McAlevey and Abby Lawlor reject backroom dealmaking. Rank-and-file workers are going even further.

Daniel Williams

In Foolproof, psychologist Sander van der Linden compares misinformation to viral infection—and claims to have a vaccine. 

Amna A. Akbar, Bernard E. Harcourt, Anthony Morgan

Amna Akbar talks with Bernard Harcourt about his new book—and how we can build on existing forms of cooperation to transform society.

Simon Torracinta

Far from spelling the end of anti-market politics, basic income proposals are one place where it can and has flourished.

Christine Sypnowich

Being serious about equality means aiming to ensure we all live equally flourishing lives—not merely that we have the chance to do so.

Gina Schouten

Outcomes shape opportunities.

Zofia Stemplowska

There must be room for choice.

Claude S. Fischer

Public opinion doesn't support equal outcomes.

Leah Gordon

The history of debates about educational outcomes holds important lessons.

William M. Paris

Egalitarianism raises our expectations.

Anne Phillips

Choice talk distracts from structural injustice.

Nicholas Vrousalis

The aim is a classless society, not equal outcomes.

Martin O'Neill

It doesn't entail an embrace of the status quo.

Ravi Kanbur

Opportunities are hard to measure.

John Roemer

Equal opportunity theory is a flexible tool.

Lane Kenworthy

We should follow the Nordic model.

Joshua Abramson Cohen

Daniel Boyarin makes the seemingly paradoxical proposal that in order to end Zionism, Jewishness should be defined as nationhood.

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Use code FREECOPY at checkout.