in all eyes a witness.
In every mouth, lies. The truth is
               a broken bone that can’t be
set. Tender are the breasts’ proprietary
                            bruises from the steering
wheel. Nothing is more sexual
               than being trapped. Just ask,

& a politician will sign anything,
                            even a cast. The body’s made
real through habit, the body’s made
              real through habit. Two blips
meet on the street, in love or conspiracy—
                            motives so close from 60
thousand feet, they’re almost

               indistinguishable. Dear G-O
-D, dear satellites; dear
                            Voyager & able dead
light: no lyric exists anymore
               except in the Spam folder. Perhaps our secrets are
safest with those we don’t know. In all
                             eyes a witness. In every lie,

a mouth. After the accident
              one man will say to another,
She could be bleeding internally,
                             don’t move her.