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After decades of deference to the market, states are exerting greater control over capital. In the face of climate change, it may be too little, too late.

Jonathan S. Blake

Becca Rothfeld speaks with Samuel Moyn about his book Liberalism Against Itself and why liberalism is in crisis.

Samuel Moyn, Becca Rothfeld

Fifty years ago, religion met Marxism in the liberation theology movement. Its message still serves.

Travis Knoll
Thad Williamson

Lewis Gordon and Nathalie Etoke discuss the space for freedom opened up by Black existentialist thought.

Nathalie Etoke, Lewis Gordon

Within the next decade, we may well have systems that are serious candidates for consciousness.

David J. Chalmers

In Foolproof, psychologist Sander van der Linden compares misinformation to viral infection—and claims to have a vaccine. 

Daniel Williams

Amna Akbar talks with Bernard Harcourt about his new book—and how we can build on existing forms of cooperation to transform society.

Amna A. Akbar, Bernard E. Harcourt, Anthony Morgan


Being serious about equality means aiming to ensure we all live equally flourishing lives—not merely that we have the chance to do so.

Christine Sypnowich

Outcomes shape opportunities.

Gina Schouten

There must be room for choice.

Zofia Stemplowska

Public opinion doesn't support equal outcomes.

Claude S. Fischer

The history of debates about educational outcomes holds important lessons.

Leah Gordon

Egalitarianism raises our expectations.

William M. Paris

Choice talk distracts from structural injustice.

Anne Phillips

The aim is a classless society, not equal outcomes.

Nicholas Vrousalis

It doesn't entail an embrace of the status quo.

Martin O'Neill

Opportunities are hard to measure.

Ravi Kanbur

Equal opportunity theory is a flexible tool.

John Roemer

We should follow the Nordic model.

Lane Kenworthy

Final response: we need a more substantive and generous understanding of the egalitarian ideal.

Christine Sypnowich

Feminist arguments against body modification are a dead end.

Becca Rothfeld

Join us as we welcome six thinkers to discuss AI governance, cooperation democracy, and more. 

Boston Review

Martha Nussbaum on her new book—and why a full development of our humanity requires developing our capacities to care for animals.

Martha C. Nussbaum, Jeremy Bendik-Kymer

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