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David J. Chalmers

Within the next decade, we may well have systems that are serious candidates for consciousness.

Daniel Williams

In Foolproof, psychologist Sander van der Linden compares misinformation to viral infection—and claims to have a vaccine. 

Amna A. Akbar, Bernard E. Harcourt, Anthony Morgan

Amna Akbar talks with Bernard Harcourt about his new book—and how we can build on existing forms of cooperation to transform society.

Christine Sypnowich

Being serious about equality means aiming to ensure we all live equally flourishing lives—not merely that we have the chance to do so.

Gina Schouten

Outcomes shape opportunities.

Zofia Stemplowska

There must be room for choice.

Claude S. Fischer

Public opinion doesn't support equal outcomes.

Leah Gordon

The history of debates about educational outcomes holds important lessons.

William M. Paris

Egalitarianism raises our expectations.

Anne Phillips

Choice talk distracts from structural injustice.

Nicholas Vrousalis

The aim is a classless society, not equal outcomes.

Martin O'Neill

It doesn't entail an embrace of the status quo.

Ravi Kanbur

Opportunities are hard to measure.

John Roemer

Equal opportunity theory is a flexible tool.

Lane Kenworthy

We should follow the Nordic model.

Christine Sypnowich

Final response: we need a more substantive and generous understanding of the egalitarian ideal.

Becca Rothfeld

Feminist arguments against body modification are a dead end.

Boston Review
On the imperative of inter-species solidarity.
Boston Review

Join us as we welcome six thinkers to discuss AI governance, cooperation democracy, and more. 

Martha C. Nussbaum, Jeremy Bendik-Kymer

Martha Nussbaum on her new book—and why a full development of our humanity requires developing our capacities to care for animals.

Boston Review
A reading list in honor of the radical philosopher’s birthday.
Ben Schacht
The Institute for Social Research was founded one hundred years ago. We ignore its prescient theorists at our peril.
Jana Bacevic, Peter Vickers

Despite debates about scientific certainty, we do not need 100 percent consensus on a scientific claim to accept it as true. 

Nathalie Etoke, Lewis Gordon

In the Black existentialist tradition, freedom lies in the constant struggle for liberation.

Panashe Chigumadzi, Cornel West

When Desmond Tutu reconciled African theology and Black theology.

Johanna Winant

Reflecting on three monumental works of modernism a hundred years on.

Boston Review
The crypto exchange’s spectacular failure is the product of a bankrupt corporate culture.
Boston Review

Join us as we welcome twelve philosophers to discuss everything from bureaucracy and gender to Black existential freedom and beyond. 

Paisley Currah and Robin Dembroff

Trans-inclusive policies are essential, but efforts to establish them must not lose sight of the structural oppressions that trans people face. 

Kieran Setiya & Anil Gomes

Where is the line between professional philosophy and self-help? And how did we end up with this stark divide?

Lynne Segal, Kate Soper, & Anthony Morgan

Feminist philosophers Kate Soper and Lynne Segal discuss the unsustainable obsession with economic growth and consider what it might look like if we all worked less.

Rachel Fraser

Epiphanies can prompt us to view the world differently, a new book contends. But they are no substitute for ethical and political debate.

Kate Soper

Final response: A “greened” economy is still a capitalist one.

Nanjala Nyabola

The critique of capitalism must take precedence over the critique of consumption.

Jayati Ghosh

The distribution of gains is more important than GDP.

Will Rinehart

Doing less is not enough. We have to do more, and we have to do it better.

Jackson Lears

Conservation implies a new way of life.

Lida Maxwell

Changing our habits of consumption is not enough.

Robert Pollin

When it comes to growth, the devil is in the details.

Kate Soper

Austerity is not the only way to save our overextended planet. A simpler life might be both more pleasurable and more equal.

Philip Kitcher

Science is always undertaken from a definite point of view, a new book concedes. But it enlarges our knowledge of the world through the interplay of different perspectives.

Deborah Chasman, Joshua Cohen

What if “post-growth living” could be an opportunity for greater pleasure, not less?

Catarina Dutilh Novaes, Silvia Ivani

Building public trust requires far more than the conveyance of facts and instruction in scientific thinking.

Matthew Cole

Democratic theory points to two problems: unjust concentrations of power and a flawed theory of knowledge.

Kieran Setiya

In his new book, philosopher William MacAskill implies that humanity’s long-term survival matters more than preventing short-term suffering and death. His arguments are shaky.

Seyla Benhabib
The wide-ranging philosopher had the uncanny ability to bring very different traditions into conversation.
Alice Crary, Lori Gruen

The systems that harm animals go hand in hand with systems that harm humans. Combating them requires inter-species solidarity.

Alice Crary

How four women defended ethical thought from the legacy of positivism.

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