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The Supreme Court’s latest bid to control agencies like the EPA—and Congress itself.

Lisa Heinzerling

Two prominent litigators discuss decades of progress, the backlash today, and the road ahead.

Paisley Currah, Jennifer L. Levi, Shannon Minter

Private universities should respond to the charge of hypocrisy with a maximalist approach to free speech.

Ethan Bueno de Mesquita

How U.S. laws—branding Palestinians as “terrorists” and redefining anti-Semitism—serve Israel’s interests.

Maryam Jamshidi

The law occludes the abhorrent violence routinely perpetrated by states in the name of self-defense.

A. Dirk Moses

“Never again” means standing up for Palestinian people. “Never again” means this very moment.

Stefanie Fox

A conversation with Palestinian human rights attorney Noura Erakat on the need for a political solution.

Noura Erakat, Deborah Chasman

Instead of pouring public funds into private industry—as the United States did with COVID-19 vaccines—we must build public capacity and prioritize public objectives.

Amy Kapczynski, Christopher Morten, Reshma Ramachandran

The United States has long supported the repression of Latin American land defenders. The tactics it exported are coming to the Atlanta forest.

Azadeh Shahshahani

Even in states without bans on abortion or gender-affirming care, hidden religious restrictions in secular hospitals harm patients.

Elizabeth Sepper and James Nelson

The courts have become a flashpoint in the United States and Israel—but for very different reasons.

Jacob S. Abolafia, Jonathan S. Gould

With time running out, jury nullification for civil disobedience is worth the risk.

David McDermott Hughes

Family policing is deeply unjust. The nuclear family is too.

Will Holub-Moorman

Workers will benefit from technology when they control how it’s used.

Brishen Rogers

For years the left has rallied around taxing the 1 percent, but this group is too narrow.

Alex Raskolnikov

The tone of exhausted pragmatism—even among friends of the program—is counterproductive. It is beyond time to fight fire with fire.

James Chappel

Revisiting When Affirmative Action Was White, nearly two decades on.

Ira Katznelson

Yawning gaps in the law empower police to collect and store massive amounts of data, all on the grounds that it might one day turn out useful.

Emily Berman

Institutional reform is no match for pervasive structural inequality.

Christopher Newfield

A sharp uptick in challenges to U.S. antidiscrimination laws threatens decades of progress in extending civil rights to all.

Louise Melling

Just as abolitionists fought the Fugitive Slave Act, those resisting the criminalization of reproductive health can employ jury nullification.

Sonali Chakravarti

Through an assault on administrative agencies, the Supreme Court is systematically eroding the legal basis of effective governance.

Lisa Heinzerling

The passage of the administration’s Inflation Reduction Act should be celebrated, but without explicit corporate guardrails it’s doomed.

Lenore Palladino

The legal doctrine of "superior responsibility" makes the Russian president liable for war crimes committed in Ukraine.

Feisal G. Mohamed

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