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Among them are Kimberlé Crenshaw, Angela Davis, bell hooks, and Robin D. G. Kelley. You can read them here.
Julie Michelle Klinger

Rare earth mining will disrupt local climate resilience. Who should pay the price?

Stephen Milder

German leaders have responded to war in Ukraine with huge increases in defense spending, breaking with the culture of pacifism that emerged after World War II and marking a new wave of militarization.

Aslı U. Bâli, Omar Dajani

In Palestine and Kurdistan, promising experiments in self-determination draw on the region’s pluralist history.

Noura Erakat

Palestinian women and feminist organizations are reimagining what liberation can look like beyond national independence.

Boston Review
The crypto exchange’s spectacular failure is the product of a bankrupt corporate culture.
Robin D. G. Kelly, Deborah Chasman

Robin D. G. Kelley on the midterm elections.

Harsha Walia

The problem isn't new; it's the bordered logic of global apartheid itself.

Jonathan Levy

The tradition allows private and public life to meet, maintaining a baseline solidarity in civic life.

Nicholas Coccoma

They may seem the cornerstone of democracy, but in reality they do little to promote it. There's a far better way to empower ordinary citizens: democracy by lottery.

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