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Class & Inequality

Biden’s industrial policy program promises a massive shift from decades of neoliberal orthodoxy. Can it deliver inclusive gains in time?

K. Sabeel Rahman

Freedom needs builders, not theorists.

Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò

Liberalism failed to deliver on the promise of freedom from fear.

Lea Ypi

We shouldn't rehabilitate the rhetoric of liberty.

Jefferson Cowie

How do we actually build the institutions Rana wants?

Adom Getachew

We can live free in the everyday.

Elisabeth R. Anker

Work isn't the only battleground.

Julie Rose

Freedom means being in control of what others can do to you.

William Clare Roberts

It's the only path to solidarity.

Philippe Van Parijs

Possessive families are a form of bondage.

Nancy Hirschmann & Tamara Metz

We need to catch up to the right.

Lorna N. Bracewell

Aziz Rana replies.

Aziz Rana

The narrative matters.

Mark Paul


American empire pushes freedom down a corrosive path—but that path is not the only one.

Aziz Rana

The post-work movement reckons with reproductive labor.

Rachel Fraser

Janice Fine explains how “co-enforcement”—a bold new model for upholding labor law—is linking the state to social movements.

Janice Fine, Mark Engler, Paul Engler

Mie Inouye and Daniel Martinez HoSang discuss the challenges of organizing in a society that tears groups apart.

Mie Inouye, Daniel Martinez HoSang
Andrew Schrank

A liberal economist and a family abolitionist agree: our economic system makes human flourishing depend on social units it can't sustain.

Will Holub-Moorman

Instead of pouring public funds into private industry—as the United States did with COVID-19 vaccines—we must build public capacity and prioritize public objectives.

Amy Kapczynski, Christopher Morten, Reshma Ramachandran


To make change, movements need to build endurance—the capacity to keep people showing up despite their differences.

Mie Inouye
Juliet Hooker
Charisse Burden-Stelly
Liz Theoharis

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