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David V. Johnson

David V. Johnson is Opinion Editor at Al Jazeera America and former Web Editor of Boston Review.


An Interview with Larissa MacFarquhar on extreme moral virtue.

David V. Johnson

An Interview with Archon Fung

David V. Johnson

An Interview with Rajiv Chandrasekaran

David V. Johnson

Fareed Zakaria and the plagiarism scandal.

David V. Johnson

Stephen Ansolabehere on the Election

Stephen Ansolabehere David V. Johnson

In her new book, Martha Nussbaum extends her distinguished body of work on liberalism, education, literature, and the emotions by turning to the growing anti-Muslim agitations in Europe and the United States.

David V. Johnson

But It Doesn’t Have To Be

David V. Johnson

Pam Karlan on the Supreme Court’s Health Care Ruling.

David V. Johnson Pamela S. Karlan

An Interview with Pam Karlan

David V. Johnson Pamela S. Karlan

An Interview with David Harvey

David V. Johnson David Harvey

An interview with Fischer about his new BR column.

David V. Johnson Claude S. Fischer

Corey Robin attempts to define the essence of conservatism.

David V. Johnson Corey Robin

In the second part of our interview with David Graeber he explains how student loan debt is perverting the value of education, and why academics are a lot like hunchbacked dwarves.

David Graeber David V. Johnson

We talk with anthropologist David Graeber about why we don’t put babies’ lives ahead of Citibank’s shareholders and whether we should renew the tradition of debt jubilees.

David Graeber David V. Johnson

Examining the global supply chains and labor practices of the high-tech industry.

Dara O’Rourke David V. Johnson

In his latest book, Lawrence Lessig argues that Congress has become so corrupted by moneyed interests and has so undermined the public trust that our very republic is at risk.

Lawrence Lessig David V. Johnson

An interview with Vivian Gornick about the mother of anarchism.

Vivian Gornick David V. Johnson

An Interview with Elaine Scarry

David V. Johnson

A Q&A With Eliot Spitzer

David V. Johnson Eliot Spitzer