for Daniel Hall

I'll do what I must if I'm bold in real time.
A refugee, I'll be parolled in real time.

Cool evidence clawed off like shirts of hell-fire?
A former existence untold in real time . . .

The one you would choose: were you led then by him?
What longing, O Yaar, is controlled in real time?

Each syllable sucked under waves of our earth– 
The funeral love comes to hold in real time!

They left him alive so that he could be lonely– 
The god of small things is not consoled in real time.

Please afterwards empty my pockets of keys– 
It's hell in the city of gold in real time.

God's angels again are-for Satan-forlorn. 
Salvation was bought but sin sold in real time.

The throat of the rearview and sliding down it 
the Street of Farewell's now unrolled in real time.

I heard the incessant dissolving of silk-
I felt my heart growing so old in real time.

Her heart must be ash where her body lies burned. 
What hope lets your hands rake the cold in real time?

Dear Friend, the Belovèd has stolen your words– 
Read slowly: the plot will unfold in real time.