moon as my witness

the child lives a boatful
of hours
heart limp in its swing
i murmur into her forehead some animal-
sweet death of coyotes
dig at my throat where i bury
will not burden her with names
let the child come and go
as prophets
as stars
feral light




scrapers parody buddha

appropriate zen, sway when no one
watches midnight's deep shiraz, glittering
bra straps of bridges, one i jumped from
in a vision, rain-soaked, gondola abandoned
by its maker, i'd rather sari the sun gold
pansexual as any goddess with bantu
knots on a brick-throated street a midday
mugging with all the trimmings, switch
blade & threat, either your money
or your life
, either you're prey or
poet watching hipsters film a dolphin
as it drowns in the gowanus canal