Ascension Proviso 1
Not, not yet, this ever revolving speculum of abeyances and ardor
its facile, its vagrant facade, not narrowing into corridors of lease
fervor fulfils an iris without exhausting engines to further advance
edifice courting luster and lust, arisen along enamor defying ascent
fragrant so the tissue bearing tremors, coaxed by a finger, a tongue
Ascension Proviso 2
Whose crux it wore aghast without reason, where else traveling led
roulade to linger past augur and singe, runoff the spar over frames
her body did not know the difference, the lengths to which she went
one inside the arraignments of another's standing outside her shape
as among the revisions, luring some crest from the contract it keeps
Ascension Proviso 3
After convicted in the visible, breaking from as anxiously as before
swerve and cut away, these raptures force the night to stay its pulse
spurn such distance the heaving, the heat, rubbing avast of the skin
water froze out back and dazzled winter where it stuttered, stopped
darkest, she said, appropriate, cold, averse to all but the vagaries of
Ascension Proviso 4
Caught between incision and fragment, rapport of once and never
split from the sinews that centered each other in contexts nullified
propping the question ajar, storm windows shattered by certainty if
lavish one might learn to call it, except for a parallel, indigent rift
would not have exerted an answer, lashing an almost lover allows
Ascension Proviso 5
Resistance uttered but no less adhered to, washing what the revenant
coming apart at the seams of her selfhood, not ecstasy but nearly ex-
protocols to intervene, attrition eliding the sheets, the shame, and yet
bereft of the senses that burden, beguile, dare not the lenient weight
dare not restitution of whatever walls once held these halves in place