The white light is
unkind  unspooled
          into opacity’s dim drain
                   all colors freighted
                    and slow architecture of a hull
                                     thin shade sticks
                       before sleep      
                                           cruelty of the dream       cave
                   blown apart   
                                  unwarned fears 
            body suspended in its storied fold 
                          return of the mother witch.
From this thimble of cold
        stiff weave     
                               could trace
                        a patient aperture  
face rallied for a swarm 
             and other annotated masks
                                      escaped to elsewhere
                     holding their wretched rhymes in check
blather of guide
             its singular call      as if to follow along
                             a collect or     ruin of the field
                 having not warmed up  having disobeyed the command
                            prelude held at the site  mouth agape
chastised by claims   real chains and real straps      harbor of the world
her plural   her various  momentums    halted  
And so release the episode from its snarl
       names of the untransformed
                                     not birds
       their rigorous archive or commons   to warrant, to list       retrieval   
                          outside narrative dusk
                                         history’s mercurial roost     
         girl at the cemetery gates    bridge across      urban colossus  crowd
                                             photographed after the fact and after the fact
                                  images         snow angels     
                     and the great black crow
                              indicting the hawk
                          yet to be spoken thought
                                                  startled into last light   
                                not ghosts
              hungry in the aftermath   identical quantum cast as flight
                                                                                   long roped beards of ice     weeping.