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Articles in Arts in Society tagged with Poem


Before I left him /
on his deathbed, my father used to say 
the ice is breathing: this quivering song 
of things once-broken, mending. /
This song of them breaking again.

Nick Martino

You can say my mother didn’t know jack
           about no line breaks, but she’ll tell you
that one thing leads to another; and violence
           and love can happen all at once.

Eugene Gloria

In the parallel world in which gesture is followed /
by recompense

Suzanne Gardinier

I once wrote letters to a prisoner at Guantánamo. The letters always came back / opened.

Spring Ulmer

The first capturing your gaze into nowhere
the other when you covered your face with your hands
so you were not anonymous, only unseen

Michael Ondaatje

a sunset makes a sound doesn't it
I learned    too late

James Fujinami Moore
Fady Joudah

Who did this to you?

Sean Patrick Mulroy

in 1989 you walk the main road to /
Tiananmen when the inexplicable /

Joseph Cuomo

Why didn't I just say / people like us here / at this table / should not just talk about politics

Peter Dale Scott

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