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Articles in Arts in Society tagged with Poem

Alfredo Véa Jr.

trudging back to Eden.

Wesley Rothman

Your lone question —
What happens when you ignore a part of someone?
Would flood me, and in time, knock down
Every structure.

Matthew Lippman

most days, during some mid-day hour, / I close my eyes and say the Sh’ma. / But it’s always the wrong time of day, / and it’s the only prayer I know

Aaron Magloire

I’m not sure anymore / how far joy gets us

Abu Bakr Sadiq

a presenter / interrupts a program to break the news of migrants / found dead on the shores of river niger. i look down / the streets through my window.

Tadeusz Dąbrowski

My life too has ended
many times over. Now I’m
doing all I can to return

Kristin Emanuel

even the long-gone
once knew tenderness.

Ashley Warner

it’s happening / again. everything / outside me / get to switching  / channels. brown black / carbon black / black cat black

Meghana Mysore

shouting / the same words but in different languages

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