That was easier one twin said than it should have been.
Difficult nonetheless.

Yes. The other twin said & Yes.

I said so easy I am offended in fact, though.
I quit to better breathe. I breathed.

Strange how when there is more overhead
there is less to see I said. I meant
more clouds when the moon’s not out.

Although said one twin.


Yes what. You said although the other twin said.
     Although what.

Although. I wouldn’t go around telling everyone.
How we were locked inside whatever that was
for howevermany days, whatever, a long long time.
And how we could have broke out this easy
all along but didn’t think to do it. How instead
we curled together like a shuteyed litter in the cold dark.
And how finally we did this when we were weaker
than we were before for thirst & hungry. And kissed.

Now its even colder said the other twin.

Strange how most would think the dark an absence.
What it is is saturation.

Although not that we could. Tell anyone that is.
Except for us. And we know too well I said all this.

There has never been a single silence since the gears
in this motherless earth interlocked then let go then
interlocked so far so good I guess but for awhile
it was what that word silence is for. A silence
with a word for it, a silence while every head
clanged with words for it and plans for it.
Just our breathing & the wind sanding
whatever land it was. Not a silence at all.

Now what do we do one twin said after looking
a long time all of us at the dark.

We should go said one twin. Where said one.
If we knew where we were said one twin
we would know where. We’d go there.

We should have a fire I said. Then we could see
this land look like. And a fire would be warmer.
We could burn what we broke.

It’s so cold said one twin.

So whoever put us here could see it & smell it. I think not
     said one.

The other one said I also think not. It’s so cold.

Twins. Do not travel with twins. Their voices blend
in the dark and perhaps their thinking and you
will be outvoted if you are the only one with them
although they just as often disagree, when least convenient
& they fight to a mutual surrender & sometimes
there’s something extrasensory, you are following fine
their conversation & then it skips far ahead or back
& you don’t know where it is and sometimes
it is as if being privy to both sides of one mind
the way you can sense the thinking leaping between them
the way they will walk beside with such symmetry,
one’s right foot landing on the walk & the other’s right
They married different women but on the same day
& each alone together a day later and if you are walking
with them through people people stare & wonder
if you are their odd brother. I myself have wondered.

But I wasn’t about to step out into what we were in
     without them.

I’m going I said. I’m going and bringing my own warm

Slowly we’d begun to feel the sun.