It's simple. Every day in April, we're publishing a poem:

April 1: Dan Chelotti, "Odysseus Amongst the Swine Glances Towards Ithaca"

April 2: Samantha Zighelboim, Three Poems

April 3: Amber Atiya, "when the end is near"

April 4: Robert Okaji, Three Poems (plus, a recording of Okaji reading "What Edges Hold")

April 5: Lisa Lubasch, "Getting Around It"

April 6: Tory Adkisson, "Metamorphosis as an Answer"

April 7: Kim Kyung Ju, Three Poems

April 8: Rebecca Kutzer-Rice, from The Bear Letters

April 9: Circe Maia, Two Poems

April 10: Filip Marinovich, "Dear Ancestors"

April 11: Sandra Simonds, "Postpartum Hemorrhage"

April 12: Tom Thompson, Three Poems

April 13: Elizabeth Clark Wessel, "A Woman and Her Job"

April 14: Shane McCrae, "Claiming Language"

April 15: Robyn Schiff, "A Hearing"

April 16: Sally Wen Mao, "Still Life with Antlers"

April 17: Ken Babstock, from SIGINT

April 18: Dorothea Lasky, Two Poems

April 19: Tyler Mills, "Children of the Flood"

April 20: Michele Glazer, "Issue"

April 21: Marcia Mogro, "Lunar"

April 22: Julian Gewirtz, "Excavation"

April 23: Rob Halpern, "Intimate Obscenity"

April 24: Liz Countryman, "Gray Area" 

April 25: Camille Rankine, Two Poems

April 26: Thomas Hummel, "To move and the play."

April 27: Charlotte Lieberman, Three Poems

April 28: Danniel Schoonebeek, "Fifteen Answers of the King to His Questioners"

April 29: Sina Queyras, "Manual for Remembering"

April 30: Evie Shockley, "lotto motto"

Plus, Poets on Surveillance (April 1), Heather Hewett discusses Pashtun women's poetry with Eliza Griswold (April 4), Stephen Burt's essay on the "Nearly Baroque" (April 11), Stefania Heim talks to Wayne Koestenbaum (plus a bonus poem(April 18), Lynn Melnick interviews Carmen Gimenez-Smith (plus a bonus poem) (April 25), and Ricardo Maldonado talks with Randall Mann (plus a bonus poem) (April 30). 

Photograph: kris krüg