Used-To lives on
a very strict budget.
Packing calculators,

Used-To turns months
to something cheap,
the backroom maze

where pallets and stock boys
hide from new customers.
Holding up a loaf

and a basket, Wants-To
has cash and credit cards.
It’s an absolute emergency.

In the produce aisle,
racks of onions,
heads of lettuce rolling.

Wants-To was already choosing apples
when Used-To found
out he had a son.


Used-To grabbed
a six pack, turnips

on the couch now,
Used-To reminisces.

Wants-To had a thirst
for one-ton trucks,
Used-To for scales.


Pushing a big cart,
Wants-To bumped
Used-To in the rear.

Set as concrete,
Used-To still dragged
a sack of sprouted spuds.

In the next aisle,
Wants-To lifted arms
of paper products.

Paying homage to the ground,
nostalgic Used-To looked
down and found a penny.