Cut it out. 
Quit that. 
Out of that. 
Shout stout out. 

I said, Out, stout. Quit that. Quit that. Cut it out. 
Stout's in the hood. Stout's no good. Colored's whited out.

Who put the blue in the colored well. Well who. Can't figure that out.
Who put the bell on the colored cat. Well ring well shout get on 
      with that.
Comminate. Colored. Cumminate. Othered. Bothered.
      Smothered. Hell in the well. 
Well well. Well hell well hell. 

Make a woman of me would you white? White me would you?
      Dominate out. 
June, june, shout frank out. Stout frank stop. Let June out. 
Did I didn't I did I didn't I hear her moan? 
Bloom, june. Bloom a bloom a bloom. Pencil get busy. Draw June
      from home. 
Quit quarrel. Quash qualm. Rout stout. Stout get out. 
Tree's in the water water's in the tree. That's the way it ought to be.

Who put the colored in the white well tangle. 
Colored put the angle in the blue black tango. 
Pencil put the wrangle in the blue black mangle. 
Put the pussy in. Well get the pussy out. 

Tango me, june. Tango me, frank. Tango me out of this lonely place.

Two pink sunrises dulled by ice. One for the cats. One for the mice. 
Find the cat. Where's the cat? Cat's in the well. Mouse is in the cat. 

June, june, tango frank out. Frank, tango her out of this lonely race. 

Tree over the river. Emerald pool. No. 2 pencil shades it cool.
Get on with the shout. Stomp stout out. 
Acquire that quire. Quaquaversal shout. 
Plural transversal. Bloomabloomabloom. 

I air with irises. Tango's boss. Twenty-five dimensions, none of
      them lost. 
Me into them. Them into you. Green into brown into black into blue. 

Boom boom. boom ba boom. Boom boom. boom ba boom,

Quit that.

boom ba boom.

Quit that.


Quit that.


Cut it out.