almost bolt upright in bed, not awake,
in the middle of the night
in about 1962, saying something like,
" Carol, Carol, they've found the statue."

" What statue?" I was almost awake. "The statue of Mary."
" Where?" "Buried underground."
I wanted to know more. "What is it made of? Marble?"
" It's made of foam rubber. They're
filling it with water to see what it weighs."

I wanted to know more. Mary is hidden in Amaryllis
as Amaryllis is hidden in vermiculite
in a red clay pot, buried.
What weight would you give to this.

After my brother's wedding in exactly 2000,
our entire family climbed up on the granite plinth
of the bronze statue of William Lloyd Garrison and just sat there
in bright day on Commonwealth Avenue.
My school friend Annie
is descended from Garrison,
so Garrison is hidden in Annie
as mica is hidden in vermiculite.
Garrison famously said, "I will be heard."
What weight would you give to this.
Do you want to know more.

Where would you dig. What would you find.