because lives are aching I am lucky: a poisonal cup 
I ingest pill after mastodon pill.    after I have abdominal pains 
headaches, skin aches, skin aches, the drowse and nausea

no matter pill or bitter pill.       but no milk rare and no meat fat 
nor oysters: doctor's orders.    my mouth going blind over and over 
nothing spicy or sharp.    forgetting I eat my hair.    I say our dear lord:

losing myself in public.    seems sunday loves my mouth and music 
we supper [me and posion].   together we bath [poison and me]. 
we live together dificultly.      and fairly normal: doing all the poisoning myself

myself.    need no wine to sanctify.    as of the right now I am lucky: 
need no litter bearer.    children undigested I am able to throw back up