One emotion hides another emotion
of this we are certain.

Yet if this is so who will tell us
which emotion is hiding another

for us at this time. You wake up,
this can occur at any time of

any day, you can have an epiphany,
you realize (realize as in such a good

word, it feels when you say it,
when you write it, when you read it

it says a physical sensation, say,
a little like some place

in your brain is a very cold surface
and a hot wind passes over it, and

condensation occurs)—
(somewhat as if you are the grass

and your thoughts are of just the right temperature
so that soon you become covered in dew)

——you realize that, in this case, just this one
time, you realize you’ve lived

your entire life feeling as if
you should be apologizing for not being immortal.

This comes as a great relief,
you don’t know to whom or what

your apology will be directed,
but you know that your whole life

you have wanted to say, yes,
I am sorry I am not immortal,

for the first time in your life
you spend the rest of this day fairly happy.