I have too much of a sense of myself as a man to be reckless. I tell myself, "Get it done!" Robert and Buster have volunteered to help me, but I am not an invalid, Mary.

I have asked myself this question. "What does she need?" Mary, I am not ashamed she is naked in the bed, waiting for me. I told her I knew how to behave. This time, however, when I became bored, I had a very, very, very, very long conversation with Diane, Mary.

She says, "Remember who you are. Remember what you do." She promises me that I will be pleasantly surprised. She promises. Sometimes, afterward, I hate her. She pities me. You poor thing is what she says.

I will yawn significantly after dinner. "Diane," I will say, "isn't it time that we went up to bed?"

Mary, you say to ask Diane to give me one of her fancy handjobs. Will you be home on Saturday?

I thanked Diane for petting me.

These days Diane's skin is waxy, cold. She fell off of the Chesterfield. She was weary from swimming. I did not try to help her. I was afraid, so this is sad. I unfastened her belt. My hand was strong enough, capable enough. I remember. I remember my enjoyment of our happy home.

We went into the dining room, and Gretch came over to us and Gretch said, "You can have whatever you want!"

Gretch is another one. I am going to sleep with Diane and I am going to sleep with Bill's wife.

Buster said he didn't like Diane as much as he liked our other girlfriend.

"Better eat up those peaches," Buster said.

I said, "Buster, right."

Buster, Buster, Buster.

Perhaps, Mary, I just want to see what will happen to Buster. One would not know why any of this is, if this is a drama or if this is a pageant.

Mary?– could you be with me here, Mary? This would not make things easier for me. I just wanted somebody like you to change her mind.

I don't have to say everything I could say about Diane. The doctor asked Buster to carry Diane in. Her skirt was short. She had bobbed her hair.

She accepted a cigarette from Buster once she was back up on the Chesterfield. She also accepted an ashtray from Buster, and she did a lot of throat-clearing. The doctor treated her like a friend.

"Do you have a sore throat?" the doctor asked her.

She'd be perfectly capable of that. I think Diane did have a sore throat! Diane is life-like.

"I'll have a cup of tea!" Diane said.

They all agreed with her about that.

"She can always make me laugh," Mother said. "She is the smartest person I know!"

I will tell you this-I had the shivers and my neck hurt from sitting in my chair. "I love you with all of my heart," I told Diane. I think it is thrilling to hear people say that.

Diane said she would not mind if I told you how she and I do it-I am top of her, then a little on the side of her.

What a night! I thought I saw you and somebody else, high up on our wall, tiny-sized, getting ready to fuck each other, or you were just finishing up. Together, we had here great rivals in a house.

There are many imitations of Diane here, made of horn and rubber and plastic.

I merely tapped Harriet and she broke.

I wonder what this is. Diane was wearing crazy clothes. Her hat fell off of the Chesterfield where she had set it.

She had sprung back into a curled position. We washed the girl carefully.

You think to yourself, I slept with that thing. What Diane still needs is what I need. She said that after the party she had sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I have heard her tell that story before.

I gave a little tap tap to the vagina of Diane-where there was a sizable stain on it-ink-still wet. I thought she would go around like this.

It was so easy when I took Diane to the bed. "Isn't this a nice ruffle?" I said.

For your information I said, "What did they to you Diane? Did they sew you up? Look how little you have made it!"

Aren't I a lucky boy?

Diane gave me something which looks like Honorene. Diane fixed it so that I could wear it on my little finger. It's a little chipped. It's a little uncomfortable. It's tight on me.

Diane said, "I think I got that in Burma." When Diane asked me for it, I threw it across the room. Just joking.

I had expected I would be sympathetic to Diane. I woke up sexy and frightened, thinking about the girls in the window stacked up on top of each other, and thinking about you, you frightening person.

I have been expecting a nice compliment from you. When Buster tried to protect Diane, they threw Buster across the room. That that is.

They pointed at Diane, and Buster tried to protect Diane. They threw Buster across the room.

Diane had her hat on and Diane said, "Where are we going?" and I said, "What do you mean where are we going?" and Diane said, "I am going with you."

I said, "Oh, Diane! Diane, oh, no!"

One day she just left town and she went out West. She called me, she said, "I won the lottery."

Diane-the girl-she was not running away from me! I did a dumb thing! I did such a dumb thing! My hair is sticking out of my head because I did such a dumb thing!

Buster returned here with Diane, saying that he had not had much fun with her. He carried Diane back to the hiding place after we had eaten our dinner with Betty.

Diane's vulva is a bit better now. She wears lip rouge. She wears a necklace of pearls. She wiped her hands.

She can climb in, she can climb out of an automobile. She can drive an automobile up onto, up on top of a roadway. She will do the cutest little trick. We are going to have to touch her vulva. We were not wrong in believing that she had been a full-fledged girl at one point. We thought of touching the vulva.

We have pried her apart, divided her again, discarded the center portion, given her a good soaking. We behave, for what it is worth, with our dicks protruding, as if we were gentlemen.

I have worked pretty hard at this. This has taken me a long time. I expected this to be scratched or chipped by now. I am suprised it isn't.

Diane touched the collar bar you gave me. People must think it is a sin for me to wear this.

She said, "What is this?"

I said, "I found it. Somebody gave it to me. I found it." She said, "Which? Did you find it? Or did somebody give it to you?"

I said, "Both!"

Now you listen, I do not do anything too strenuous. People say I did not leave the garden. That is not true. This is a lie.

My clothing was described. Only what a woman wears is this interesting.

Mary, I spoke to Diane as frankly as I speak to you. I thought Diane was doing fine. There was a fluttering. I felt a tickling. I was stung.

I said, "I was stung." I said, "Would you look, Diane?" I said, "Diane, dear, Olga wouldn't mind it if you fished around inside of my trousers."

"Diane, you have been here forever," Olga said, "haven't you?" "No," Diane said, "just for two years."

A woman asked us if we had seen Diane. The woman said, "That one wasn't Diane."

I said, "It wasn't?"

"No," the woman said.

We were so surprised. Janet said, "That wasn't Big Gretch." "It wasn't?" I said.

Janet said, "No, no, that wasn't Big Gretch." I said, "Where in the world does Big Gretch go?" "Up and around," Buster said, "that way." I have a terrible tale I could tell you about that. That that is. Oh, my Mary!-I can tell you anything!

I behave myself.

I use simple words that you can understand-the vagina of Diane, the children of Mary. There isn't any puzzle. I could have caught sight of you I realize.

I felt as if they were doing your fucking for you when I saw some people fucking.

Can you remember my exact words out here in the blue? You should receive my instructions today. I apologize, Mary, for hurting your vagina. I apologize, Mary, for being so clumsy with your vagina.

My worry is, is Buster fine now? Uh, the doctor spoke to Buster. The doctor said, "Good job, Buster."

Buster hasn't been that careful and I have had to say to Buster, "Please be careful!"

What will Buster do for me? is what I ask myself. What do you think that Buster will do for me?

Will Buster help out? Buster can be so clever. Mother is clever. It is no surprise, I suppose, that we are clever. I spoke to Buster as frankly as I speak to you, honey.

I don't think I will ever speak so frankly again. Buster can do anything within reason with Diane and Diane agrees with me about this.

I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel when Diane tells anyone, "You are right."

Mary, I wonder what you would have done. One day you will tell me. We have another hard week next week. It will be one thing after another.

To put it another way, it is not too difficult for us to get up into an asshole, and yet it makes some of us say our knees hurt to just think of going up there.

In driblets, we execute our duties toward Diane. We have promised to carry her, to collect her, to distribute her, to fully dispose of her and her name. Daughter of William, second daughter of William. Born 1946. Helpful, tactful, genial-hasn't she often tried to bring herself back in?

She had gone off into the kitchen to get the dessert, to bring it back to us. We were waiting for her. No one was with her in the kitchen.

We might feel a dessert is too scratched up or too cheap, that it is cheap. We could think it is thick.

Diane has to throw herself into bringing us some dessert. "What happened to her?" we said. "Is she coming back?" Boy! She should take every opportunity to come back.

That was her in the window. We could tell by how she was hunched. At last she peeped in.

Diane said, "Fuck me. Touch my breasts." She comes forward. She greets you. She does not go backward. She says hello. Isn't it strange she does not go backward when we walk forward?

We make an effort to avoid getting angry with her. We try not to talk to her in a loud tone. We try not to interrupt her. We try to understand a girl when she speaks to us. We say, "Would you mind going over that again? Will you be kind enough?"

Diane doesn't have your confidence or your courage, but Mary, she is a good person.

Now Mary, Thelma is designed as my new friend. Mr. Cohen said that I should never bring Thelma to London because they beat up people who bring Thelma to London. If she is in it, they will even burn a store to the ground in London. I can bring Thelma to Paris. Paris is fine. Mr. Cohen does not know anything about Prague. Vienna is fine.

I said I have been so careful of Thelma. I said I have never taken her anywhere. I have not fully enjoyed Thelma for all these years. I said I really wanted to take Thelma to Europe. Mr. Cohen said, "Not in the snow! because the skin cracks!"

I am aware of the risks.

I do not want people to gossip about me. You said, "I understand they question you."

We are not the only ones here.

We found a sexual one, but we do not have enough wisdom to take care of so many full-fledged girls and their vulvas. That we still love those girls gives us some reassurance.

A girl should be entertaining and instructive in life. Will it ever be different? Marjorie said she didn't think so.

We can celebrate in the old style. Ahead of time, we prepare. We push our tongues, some of us, into some of them, into their anuses.

"You are pretty, too!" they said.

They were the biggest, the most beautiful batch of people we have ever seen!

"Is there something we should be jealous about?" we said. They said, "No."

We said, "How do you know?"

The eldest of our girls was the fiercest. We don't care. We hope she does come over. Something better comes along.

She was pure gold, Ma'am. We have always said she should have lived in a fairy kingdom, fitted snugly into the fairy kingdom.

It takes us so long to believe what we are saying.