Responsibility is making certain
Nothing is leftover. In the utmost clearing
Where you find yourself after all

That ability, is not much light
To work by. Also, whoever watches
Is in the condition of waiting. Employment

Of what you know goes into this, metal
Tailored for your palm alone, each tool
Managed so your good luck gets spread around

Enough to explain any result, to consider
Any tremble. This last animal does not want you
Or to be you, only to know

What you want. To use the entire body
Is to kneel down; her bones are the price
Of information. What reveals wilderness

Undoes wilderness; in your hands
The instruments for which you will be known
Work even without you. Each morning

The leather bag prepared so you can talk yourself
Backward into whatever derives
From settling in with the grass; so many are the eyes on the one

Hint of prey, intent on how to eat beyond
The temptation of leaving just enough
Again for desire, even worship.