for Louisa Solano sure joy
This time we thought only the owners were left and so we
substituted "shopping" for "investing," and lost the big picture.
Bo spoke of us being church-raised as little machines for God.
Now I've experienced the arousal of death: to want, to pester.
Thinking is a gift and a burden I think as I look out a window.
A squirrel's scampering on a power line chased by a small bird.
Life is a bitch, love is a bitch, morning's a bitch, my butt.
It either straightens out or it flattens down or it oozes lymph.
Boston Metro (20June2001,p.7) Braintree. Town officials have
reopened Sunset Lake to swimmers less than a week after a girl
came out of the water reportedly covered with thirty leeches.
Water tests show no contamination, no contamination says the Boston Globe.
The death of an artist, writer, filmmaker is a time of inventory.
It is a time for taking a cup of tea in a public place. One lump.
I had breakfast at the Brookline Lunch in Cambridge with Louisa.
I phoned Georgia Howe who wanted to know what I wanted from her.
Went looking for St. Jerome by Matteo Giovanni in the Fogg Museum.