My sister said,
“All the elements in this painting,
Still Life with Strawberries,
appear to levitate”
(by Isaak Soreau [1604–after
Flemish, early 1630’s
Gift of Mrs. Robert McKay
Cincinnati Art Museum)
it said on the postcard of the painting.

“I’ll tell you how to levitate
strawberries,” said my daughter.
“Hull a quart. Sprinkle them
with half a teaspoon of balsamic
vinegar and a teaspoon of
confectioner’s sugar; let them sit.”

Still Life with Strawberries, though,
isn’t a patch on his Carnations, Tulips, and Other Flowers in a Glass Vase with
        Peaches, Grapes, and Plums in a Basket on a Ledge with Cherries, a Butter–
        fly, and a Beetle
Isaak Soreau was a twin, moreover,
and in 1652 his twin, Peter Soreau, painted Still Life of Apples, Black and
        White Grapes and a Walnut in a Porcelain Bowl, Together with Chestnuts,
        a Pear, Figs, Turnips, and a Melon, All on a Table with a Bunch of Snipes
        Hanging on a Nail

(SLABWGWPBTCPFTMATBSHN). Oh Flanders! A Benelux country, a
        Low Country.