ain’t chopped liver get the manual
have a face like     a bucket of smashed
crabs     hurting for certain     don’t
think about making     a fashion
arrest in this hype joint     have you tried
hospital food? because     i’m feeling like
a bag of string right now     if you don’t collar
the jive you’ll     feel the physics     random
acts of play excluded     rattling about a loose
energy streak         across the river     crazy
     county     pines pines trailer
pines     at choke point less
amazing shape pattern boasts     for this
jitterbug in need of a     drop in the
shannon & no ankle taps         he asks can i
     buy this on the never tick?     to which i reply
does a chicken have lips     causing that dog
towner to go
beef city     meanwhile
global battlefield

     bumper to bumper screaming demons
much influenced my     writing style around the time i
quit the pop band white horse because
getting our sad on in     such simple
bold compositions was     all gong no
dinner & ode to cracks     discovered upon
a power station reactor in     south-west
england proved to only be the start         initially you were
     all wisteria snagged by a     wait-a-minute thorn
bush in big foot county     bright red clusters
bare winter branches your distinctive
signature     was upon the road to wanker’s
doom     then got word of
fist city velvet fog     checked your nerves & were all
about that         something germinating around the
     cackle factory     bursts out in fairy lights     only to be
distorted by     drizzled bands of grey
white pigment before     termination by
sophisticated elements that’s
what i’m aiming for

     that was my roswell     the 1st 7 days were
the worst     bright lemon yellow stained
scorched     cramped i paid for
the coffee     rather than drink from
the fire hose     because all that lickety-spit
extolling of a city     upon the hill got     me dreadful
face ache so     come eventual stand-off against     complex
mix of hedonistic colors abstract light     i went base
over apex         piss-to-windward     search
     & avoid     he’ll know how many beans make
5     smoking loco weed in     cockroach castle with
his swell pipes     preventing this whole thing     from
collapse         i feel you but     can’t reach you through
     the gammon & creamed spinach     whereby lies
the nuts ‘n’ bolts     she said & proletariat drift settles
into warm cluster attrition     & they’re totally chill about
giving the cat another gold fish &     renewing your royal purple
yankee white clearance         which besides
     the wildflower roadsides between     squaresville & snake’s navel
idaho     is the only thing that     will ever give me comfort

     glass of lunch with some bombsville face stretcher
my 2nd rate hometown is usually     the scene of such
meetings     fair question would be     what’s on the rail for
the lizard?     if you find this less than
gross perhaps     you should provide comforting
support because     i’m more attached to
unsettling backlit     places than people         viewed today through    
     minus 7.5     but minus 6 would have done     glimmering to the
accompaniment of     some kitsch orchestral score     giving
me the terrible urge to strip     back & edit then
shave the muck         am likened to ___     my day is___     my numbers
     are ___     my color is___     am adept at___     can help with___     representations of
me are     strategically placed to deter retro sci-fi aesthetic cobwebs floodlit center stage         i
     could change     black dog     for monkey     but your arms & legs     must
be painted on &    
we have a name for
people like you     where i
come from &
that name is