Girls who meet in a mysterious collision of emptinesses. It’s the dream of the American

or early signs of it (such as blood in the urine or butterfly-like eruptions on the wall
where they can employ sweated labour and use the air, the water and
in a nearby temple about 50 skulls and bones littered the ground
scraps of this, lying beside pieces of that, fuse in the process we loosely call
and his specially appointed ‘corporate policy compliance officer’ have flushed out
bulky wastes like automobile parts, street refuse, industrial refuse and dead
is the pipe through which urine flows from the bladder; it is also the channel
money is being wasted in a test that does not provide accurate data
junk-food characters–pretzels, stuck-up gum and chocolate-chip cookies with limbs
at First Citizens National Bank, emptied trash cans and carted money in police cars
lease equipment and eventually I shall own nothing but a heap of scrap iron. But I should
       at least be
uninterested in minor social civilities; and tolerant of littering, loitering, and
he is an old man who is going to die. We can’t waste things on him
the unmistakable odor of fecal matter–not typical of the normally odorless environment
       of the brain
depletion of the resources of the human body, resulting in the individual’s death, may be
examined for how the consumer interprets the consumption experience
include the urine collection transfer assembly and the fecal containment bag
Shit in Your Hat–Head on a Chair, in which an off-camera voice puts the mime on
foreign investors. This will create a drain of capital from the country as profits are
to complete its comprehensive master sewer plan. Officials are exploring
riches have been plundered, wasted, or taken abroad. The state has no money
waste heat from the exhaust passes through the product thereby
weaving in and out of tall weeds as he picked up plastic bags, jugs, bottles
separated as follows: Cyanide bearing wastewater, Chromium bearing wastewater, Metal
       bearing wastewater
none admitting to consuming more than eight cans a week.
      Analysis of the rubbish bins, however, found
no sensible investor is going to dump his capital into a business that reflects negative
toxic waste is flowing through national borders that are disturbingly porous.

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