I’m going to tell you a sonnet and it’s going to go by fast, so
    you’re going to have to listen. It will have a moral. It’ll be tight
      like a haiku. It will take place when I’m in twelfth grade and I’m going
           to be the main character. It is 1994. In this sonnet I will
                 slip Chinese menus on people’s doorknobs
       with red and blue rubber bands in Manhattan Beach, California
 at the same time I imagine my classmates are slipping on condoms
    to prevent themselves from making more of themselves.
       This is what I do every day after school to help out my family.
This sonnet sincerely hopes you understand that even though
           it’s about class and poverty and giving my mom an extra $75 a week
and all of that important stuff that it’s also about how this work,
walking from pink house to yellow house to gray house, gave me beautifully
      sculpted calf muscles as well as the ability to write this sonnet.