I flag beneath the tide of where the energy is up there in the trees
returning to the theme of women gathering water in the pleasure
of early speech I flag beneath the speaking water up there returning
to the trees where I flag energy in the tide of returning women
up there in the pleasure trees beneath the theme gathering I
flag where I flag up early in the trees speaking energy there

is no point to this flagging returns energy to flag a tree there
up where I flag the theme in speech gathering flags in trees
I the trees & I the tides flag a returning theme there in the I
beneath the flag I energize a theme in tides & trees of pleasure
with what flag the energy of gathering a return to the women
in turn I flag where speech is a tree beneath the trees returning

to flags a theme of where energy gathers up in the water returning
women to speech & the pleasure of early speaking in water there
is a flag I do to energy returning themes of trees gathering women
early in the tide up where I flag beneath the water in women trees
is not a pleasure for flags nor a pleasure for I but in speaking pleasure
I flag again to return themes of early flags in energy & in tides there I

gather the water beneath the water returning the flags turning the I
in turn toward early speech of trees & pleasure where the returning
flag is up in the theme of trees gathered by energy returning pleasure
to early women & themes of speech in the tide where trees there
return to early flags I speak to the women gathering a return to trees
in theme & flags in water & tides up where the early energy of women

is a flag I turn beneath trees to themes of early tides & early women
beneath I flag the theme I flag & flag the trees I flag & flag the water I
flag beneath & flag the energy I flag & flag the retuning flag of trees
I flag early & flag up & flag beneath & flag toward the trees returning
the flags beneath the energy in flags & trees & water & speech & there
is no pleasure to flag I flag no pleasure no flags up where the pleasure

is not I flag up early beneath pleasure I flag pleasure & pleasure pleasure
returning trees to flags to up the energy beneath flags & trees to women
returning energy to flags & flags returning women to the water up there
in the trees & the tides I flag themes of flagging & themes of pleasure I
flag returns up beneath tides in trees & tides in flags & tides returning
to the theme of retuning I flag speaking in trees & energy & water in trees

flagging an early flag I flag the returning tides of trees & the pleasure
of tides returning women up in trees & flags beneath the returned women
up there where the energy there is a flag I flag to pleasure the returning.