(after Anselm Berrigan)

I’m sun blind. 

I wake up to green things on my face & echolocate myself in the world by smelling my armpits. 

The arctic swells with grief.

My gut distressed like a morning hymn

A whole past shrunk into a tooth’s filling 

The swirl on the shell’s covering elides her

Bottom line is breakneck sorrow flipping outdated directory

Some sentences require. Finality. But the braggadocio of other. Sentences. 

Bravado as racist gradient 

As is hysteria for women the downward spiral of bitter cock

Is it in or is it on or is it at or is it upon it about it for is it? For?

How to build emphasis in the idea-form knob? 

For flourishing in visual slant out of poverty.

To be deprived of [fill in the blank]. Exercise probing self.

(I love dirt).

Should the . be inside or outside of the ( ) I don;t give a ^ 

Bazaar trinket on blue thigh, book of hymns spellchecking marvel

I dreamt of colossal caramel bunnies & woke up in a fright

Psoriasis isn’t contagious, beamer. Some people work around the belt

Does number develop upon number? Is 3 a variation of 4?

One thing about hopeful elastic
its bend swings like a pendulum 
of furies, disheveled witches

Heroin for heroines, or cold opium self, Coleridge

Foxtrot in her elm arming flow consciousness 
(Equals love) For how much is never enough 

I pick myself with the left hand whisking you were right

Delicate flings of her tongue to cotton candy (obviously dreaming)

Fangled like chalk in desert air plying parched tongue’s acculturation: thus finding nude

So close to vibration inside shopping bag (withering tulips onto tears)

Filipe III of Spain, II of Portugal 
For re-deny nation. Again: patriotism is patriotic. 
A generic sense of inconclusive inclusiveness retreats.

Inside cardboard box finding genetic clairvoyance in old stamp collection

Twine your lovely hair (like in that picture)

Packing claws behind the fence to keep the fierce insight


Grease following powered hair enlace…

Masking has copyrights in 2017  
™: destroy anything that moves:
I believe America believes in itself
Penal colony of enslaved squirrel labor 

The fatten love of youth starved to fit pant size, or rather having the jitters for being caught bear-baiting the sardonic

I find myself enamored by you cave bat with your uncompromising upside-down-ness 

If it weren’t for the steam slipping out (a rare phenomenon of condensation), they wouldn’t have found these caves (#futuresuicide)

Lemons, lemon peel, sweet potatoes (as if touching pearls) and avoiding mirrors especially in the postpartum belly

Behind the drapes still Tertullian, masked, surrounded by red grapes, red marrow

The seeds of cholera flow in the breeze. The bread goes stale. The milk goes off. 

Press #1 if you know the last digits of your grave. For Spanish press #silence

I spoke with head on bucket of water to drown my words

Speech impediment exists foremost in the mind when I start gagging after myself in the reminiscent mode of my father

A disease, a defect of the mind, waving flags in fourth of July 

Define proficiency? In what language do you dream?
My alone fear posing finesse dump coroner, when falling back

Dialogue is in sol maggiore, but she senses minor doppelganger lurk

Those bouquets bled ivory & smelled of rusty bells

It was all a dream then I began to sweat

Because when I remember I’m glad the present is unreal

Rustic in full compliance with star formations. Or trans-filial twinge

Decimating self-conditioned liquor, my inability to change channels haunts me

You sit in your charisma without the glamor of youth

In Earth’s disguised unicorns—rhinoceros—a manual of deaths in daily news

Although fearful of dark waters, the soothing notion of looking against reflection.

“In the beginning, Words fled the World. Then the World recoiled within dust for Words were singeing.”

A swarm of locusts trumps peace-keeping troops against contralto voiced bombs

“Then a lyre began to swell in fringed blindness.”

I am never the person I used to be. Yet in the interim become someone else altogether.

Shunning local orientation means spitting on bullet-ridden traffic signs & trading adventure for the potbelly electric chair

She told me of the sickly imagination to arrive at minimal notion of body-mind coalition.

The “self” in refraction, a tattoo hacking off the message

We will defend you & your oppressor for a modest sum of [fill in the blank].

“The Word laid down on the infinitesimal second after sunset.”  

Racists come in all shades of white, for example, one’s drunk or not so drunk family member.

Somalia where flowers bloom in sand  
Press #1) if you know your right to live/ for medical checkup go die in your country.

A small titillating sponge to clean off heavy murk 

This edible mollusk has got me thinking about color and breath again. 

[…] #the tiny tap of life

Because a reptile isn’t a plant, but obtains a similar stillness (also of rocks and mountains), it will be our witness 

Genetic memory of having been your lover equals genetic memory of having been a shoot in a tree—
a coded intermingling of mucus. 

Fatal reprise. 

Mud choking the sapling


[…] hydrological isolation, a sprout, a bear

Write your representative today [insert prefab message here]

The tomato blooms. The weed withers.
Vacillation strums spider’s web in early snow 

The slumber of yellow-jackets and paper-wasps droning infinity

First fire, then flood, then earthquake, then crow
Telegram in the eye of the storm
I will eat from our garden of stones