Without realizing it the worker bee,
too, desires to be part of the meaning
of the world and buzzes everywhere accordingly.
A mother bear loves her cubs.
In my play One Size Fits All and Then Some
the heroine is always slipping into an old bathrobe
and staring across into the distance,
into the solitude of her reverie,
while around her all the action
continues, unabated. The sun sets
and the moon rises and the sun sets
and the moon rises.
The only thing the heroine asks is that her way of living—
lithe and precise—shows everyone around her
how to properly react to it.
The play’s a tragedy, of course,
a love story; she has lost something
or someone and, small hope,
hopes to find it or him once again.
It’s a lost cause but she already knows that.
It’s why she searches anyway.