The Early American Hour

The Puritans often
thought about wolves
and thickets full of girls

figuring out how
as early as 1645.
You could pretend

not to do anything.
You could share
my firewood.


I Want Your Fax

I want to be disability for you.
Make new signs for you.
They are saying things about us

online in their underwear.
The listserv is blowing up.
Ableist verse, ableist verse

and I’m talking to you.
I’m a green circle for you
and there you go again

into my cover letters.
Pinned your last dispatch
to my Outlook so every day

starts with you. Got your text.
Got your chat. Got your tweet.
Got you all over me.

I want to be disability for you
and capital crawl for you
and accommodate you.