Fire rises from cavernous green mouth, long winding body trailing behind—
slimy flag or dry fish. Nearby, a hand reaches toward a hand it cannot reach.
This brings up the question of whether or not you exist in someone else’s
dream if that person, unbeknownst to you, calls out your name in the dark,
and the person or animal (if such is the case) lying beside said individual
hears that string of sounds (vowels and consonants) in the order that they
were intended? Or were they? Was that what was said or only what was
heard? Maybe there was a distortion between the conception (dream) and the
utterance (moan rising from mouth of sleeper to take shape in room).
Have you dialed in your request for divine assistance? Have you secretly
nodded to someone whose red cloak covers all but his standard issue boots?
Have you ever held a rock in your hand, hoping it would fly towards its
intended target?
There is an institute where this hallowed domain of human behavior is
closely examined, where courses are given, and daily lectures on a wide
range of adjacent topics can be heard broadcast in the quadrangle: how to
listen closely to your hormones when they get lonely; revelations of every
color and persuasion and what to do with them; why you don’t need to keep
looking for an answer or even figure out what question you should be asking.
Our goal is to have a lecture that can soothe every ailment, including those
that have yet to glimmer on horizon’s burnished rim. Are you ready to join
the party? Or are you still reluctant to celebrate what can soon be yours?