(The system slept)         (The city rose up)

         (Factories closed for the holidays (a shutdown) (machine stoppage))

(I had an opportunity (cost-benefit) which I took (begrudging the limit to it))

                       (The limit on my life expectancy (by county))

(I want to make clear) (You will outlive me (it’s regional) (industrial))

           (And most of the time (I know I am no moon-man (moon-god)) (I accept))

(This is the middle already (of my life))                   (Back home)

(Perversity at the biker bar)                           (five dollar (meat on bread) (Our parents)

                                              ((lost their keys ((in the snow)) (in the parking lot) (late)))

                        (addiction has my uncle eating off the floor) (And my work is to discuss)

• • •

(I will take you apart)                (Him he just drops in (and talks))

           (He says (blood) and (pig) and (bride) (fucker) (satan) (me))

(and they (read it))                                            (and his want is a problem)

(A note on my desk says (call it a fellowship))                              (take heart)

                      (Surplus leaves are racking up outside)

          ((I can say all the same vulgar things) (plus not answer my phone))

(He turns in a list) (he reveres the act)                    (these guys know who to ask)

           (How relieving ((not at all)) not being a target)     (I only got played)

(Challenges the stare with ((can I help you)) (you keep looking over here))

(I ask) (Do you have some kind of problem)                      (Keeping scrap to incite)