I take place in the picosecond with the frequency of light
converted into
        Geological evidence suggests that cyanobacteria adapts
to awkward situations, e.g. standing in a room beyond another room
in which a milieu appears in the shape
        Greenhouse gases emit upon one’s skin

        Simple body plants adapt to life inside simple bodies
        An ancestor might look at the shape of the room and think, To
        Yesterday morning, I found myself a chloroplast embedded in
the greenhouse
        First there was the transfer of gases to the slugs
        Then I mutated into light—a spectrum not understood
completely but the most available and alone, e.g.
        A list of ads for singles in a geographic location
        An ideologue pouring sunlight on himself

        You are alone with red jar candles in the center of a kitchen
        There is a milieu in the next room synchronized in water
        The influence of sunlight on social situations is a jar of air
        Here is the screw cap, tightly
        And the glass body, shattered

        The most available chlorophyll bathes my nutrient deficiency
        A light-dependent soil growth I shave, including viral
        Bacteria spreads through my
ribcage as corn syrup saturates my ribcage
        In a sense, my body is not soluble in water, a fungal sort

        Biology tells us that freshwater comprises at least the absinthe of
our bodies
        Our bodies consist of smoke and pasta and leaves 

        In the middle of the gathering, a swimmer grows in water 
        The swimmer’s limbs become lean, then soluble, longer
        Water surrounds the glass house where the milieu is
        Not withstanding free radical parts, the swimmers float in circles
        I am standing outside of myself, a cage outside of a cage outside
        A cave of sleeping lions
        A pack of wolves on a tour-de-force

        Meanwhile, purple bacteria spreads underneath the house
        Photodissociation gets the cold harvest going
        Its sprigs are not generated by the output of dioxide, but rather
by my period
        When I am newly formed and atmospheric, I float above the
water, a cloud of pH I inherit and color my own
        Purple flowers
        The newly watered leaves
        Could respiration prevent this loss of water? 
        Corn syrup coats 1 out of 6 girl bodies
        With a patch of braided sugar woven
        Around my wrist, a symbol
        Someone I knew died in this building
        Someone I knew took place in four stages

        And stomata released carbon
        Stable products, the body plants algae inside 
        For the purposes of respiration, one must plant host cells inside 
        One must evolve in lieu of bones, a center

        And one must become a wavelength in one’s life; one must be
audible to the human ear and assume energy transfers from one
palate to the next, the first
        Sound absorbs and receives spices during a plant’s stomata
        The second feeds the cat its owner leaves
        The third takes place in stages: Burning, transferring, during,
stop. A chloroplast

        Membrane may be the simplest way to arrange one’s thoughts
        In two layers, the envelope contains a bomb threat and some
        Green-tinted, I walk through this apartment via a staircase
filled with kidney blossoms where

        I am a very large surface on a table
        My purpose is versatile; I am used for the carving and chopping
of vegetables
        The electron is displaced from the seedling, and the seedling
goes back
        Underground, a nest of widow spiders
        Later, at home, a translucent blister