Rosa Starling couldn’t stop. Rosa Starling was born on a Tuesday. Rosa Starling typed forty-two words a minute. It was with total abandon that Rosa Starling danced when she danced. Or at least that’s what people would like to believe. Rosa Starling was startlingly beautiful. Looking at her was like looking at a sound. No innocent eyes. Rosa Starling started writing to strangers at the age of fourteen and she couldn’t stop.
Drake Fifi is a close friend of Oscar Monty. Drake Fifi is a father of three. Drake Fifi is married to Mazzy Morse. Winston Zork officiated their ceremony. Sadly since then Winston Zork has passed away. One day Drake Fifi aspires to compete his documentary on distance finding stations. Drake Fifi wants to be warm to the people he cares for. And often he succeeds.
Virginia Vegas didn’t want to work for Ralph Rothko anymore. Fuck Ralph Rothko. Virginia Vegas is going to move. Virginia Vegas will move to a new place and do something different. Virginia Vegas has never stopped loving Lulu Gable. But maybe she will one day. Jade Meep made Virginia Vegas smile like she might love again. Like she was full of light. A feeling of letting go in a good way.
Donald Bone believes he has a problem. Almost everyday Kit Grover tells Donald Bone that he does not have a problem. Donald Bone doesn’t ever believe Kit Grover. Once Donald Bone didn’t want to go outside and Agnes Cooper had to deal with that. It can’t always be what we want, what we want to do.
Evan Daniels died today. There was evidence everywhere. On the floor. In the light through the window. On the wall where the light through the window touched the wall. On the chair. On the small desk. Evan Daniels’s absence was touching everything. You couldn’t say a word. You couldn’t smoke. Evan Daniels didn’t get a chance to say it, but he would have wanted things that way. You not saying anything.
Evelyn Guss gives a damn. Miles Norman knows it. Late at night when no one is talking, Evelyn Guss with grace, with moral vision, and a very foul mouth writes daring and compassionate play after daring and compassionate play. Evelyn Guss gives her characters great emotional territory. It is terribly generous work. It can be a little terrifying to experience the feelings. Evelyn Guss can withhold judgment for an unusual amount of time. An unusual amount of time like holding your breath for a total of twenty minutes. Terrified.
Eva Dean is not holding a gun and eating a hot dog. Eva Dean is not screaming in the shower. Eva Dean is not starring into a broken mirror. Eva Dean is not wearing sunglasses, driving off of a cliff. Eva Dean is not walking along the beach not looking at the camera. Eva Dean does not have a bird on her finger. Eva Dean does not have an apple in her hand. Eva Dean does not want to talk to you or walk with you. Eva Dean walks with headphones and it will only ever be this way.
Leon Rover would like you to move over. Leon Rover wants to drive faster. Leon Rover is late. Leon Rover is late for a lunch with Andre Hobbs and one of Andre Hobbs’s aunts. Andre Hobbs is in love with Leon Rover. It is believed by Andre Hobbs that his aunt might help Leon Rover get work. Andre Hobbs’s aunt is named Val Tipper and she is full of tips. And she is not above bad puns. Val Tipper typically wears her hair in a bun. Leon Rover doesn’t want to disappoint her or Andre Hobbs. Leon Rover is in love with Andre Hobbs and he is trying to stay optimistic