I lit a votive candle for you tonight in Sacre Coeur and cried
"I know my time in your church is not long"
It says on the sign                       
The cygne
The lone swan says
"Don't be afraid to fish alone, Filip,"
Crossing the channel between fresh and salt water
And the hotel room sprayed for bedbugs today
Burns my eyes I can feel it in the back of my throat
Only bedbugs can smell it so I must be one
Better a French bedbug than an American citizen
Ask the tree under your feet 
The hotel floor opens
You fall under
In the core of the earth
Herodotus parties
Making his shield alone
Drinking harvest beer
I'm high on bedbug spray in Hotel Waldorf
The Hotel Wolf Door staying in me 
The moral goes here
The mortal goes back to bed
I can reach him from the shower with my erection
His lips Her lips
Gender is the Seine
You can't step into the same gender twice
For ever fresh waters are flowing upon you
The Moulin Rouge turns
Shaves off my beard
Pigalle Burns 
The soldiers call it Pig Alley
Cobblestone streets for hiding
The Resistance ducking for cover
Vive La France
All her enemies plowed under
By ploughshares with their swords
I want to go back to Montmartre
For a shower in Montparnasse
The Wolf Door opens
The beautiful wolf you bite is you
When you are not kind to yourself
The minibar in your ribcage is chirping
But Coach Oiseau says NO
Ubu Roi says I can't let absinthe go
So absinthe lets me go
I drink from the bottom of the Seine 
From the shoes of Prince Guillaume Apollinaris
Hollande wins the day we land in Paris
Tomorrow May Eighth we celebrate the Armistice
Holiday when the dead walk the Seine