the first sense of a text is called the literal, and this is the sense that
nothing in the spring persists, albumen
my silence in front of the leaves
around for a long time. he calls
lives to share their misunderstandings, pain…and ultimate healing.
what is I’m sure a thoughtful
even though they aren’t really what I want to know. I guess.

running a tiny hit behind.
I just want to know how you actually are, a little honesty,
and that was the most interesting thing about them:
people using tape and a better clasp.

move lightly around the cabin now, the cabin lights are tested.
damned and average you
are the ones here to observe it. it’s fascinating
I die, move sick and get on to the next place
to observe what the mirror does, but when
when anybody wins, you have another dream.
move quickly against the way, only to return
to the room when no one confessed.
as close as this. undiscovered, away.
nearby the jets unloaded their invisibles, seen by above.

so taking in air we miss
we miss holding you out of sight
what is. let yourself go completely with what is.
let go of fighting reality.

if we see the lines in the air
the lines in the air the cities
the cities exiting the sky
you want the permanent miles

is the only way out of
the unpaid balance
the snow is wide at home
the snow is wide

and waking on every side
there is a pavement there is poverty
an alternative to suspicion
but I wake on my side in the ground

and wake and wake
in all cases slopes fall
in a clear sunk chair
the declension of the

but I
on slopes the wind