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Articles in Politics tagged with Philosophy

Chris Blattman

To discern why we fight, we should ask why we do not.

Anthony Morgan, Kate Soper, Lynne Segal

Feminist philosophers Kate Soper and Lynne Segal discuss the unsustainable obsession with economic growth and consider what it might look like if we all worked less.

Rachel Fraser

Epiphanies can prompt us to view the world differently, a new book contends. But they are no substitute for ethical and political debate.

Lori Gruen, Alice Crary

The systems that harm animals go hand in hand with systems that harm humans. Combating them requires inter-species solidarity.

Teresa M. Bejan
Amidst growing suspicion that equality talk is cheap, a new book explains where egalitarianism went wrong—and what it still has to offer.
Nicolas Guilhot

Conspiracy theories like QAnon are ultimately a social problem rather than a cognitive one. We should blame politics, not the faulty reasoning of individuals.

Simon Waxman
The author of Walden was not an enemy of civic life.
Ran Liu, Guobin Yang
One of the largest peaceful protest movements in recent world history.
Albert W. Dzur
Participatory Innovation in Unlikely Places.
Stuart White
Egalitarianism must be understood as part of a more encompassing view of how best to live.