A man is upset for many years
because he’s heard
that information is destroyed
in a black hole.
Question: what does this man mean
by “information”?
The example given
is of a cry for help,
but this is accompanied
by the image of a toy space ship,
and is thus
not to be taken seriously.
The man recovers his peace of mind
when he ceases to believe
in passing through,
when he becomes convinced
that the lost information
is splattered
on the event
The detective is the new mime.
She acts out understanding
the way a mime
climbs an invisible wall.
It’s because our senses
are so poor that,
on CSI,
the investigators
stand stock-still,
boulders in a stream,
while a crowd
pours around them.
They pan
in slow motion, reminding us
of cameras,
then focus
with inhuman clarity
on the pattern of cracks
in a wall.
God’s fractal
pleasures us