repeatedly, being strong 
long ago 
we started to move 

to stifle that impulse 
next to take care of: 
full sacs 
of glands inside the sack 
the poetry you’re writing 

is not exactly exciting 
declension of rattlesnake. 

Instruction in passion—no bundling 
no cheap diorama 
potato chips 
many other items 
full weight of majority 

the view is to the left 
straggler, disallowed 
and after a while 
my neck starts in on hurting. 
Calamity had a special 
reason: Come inside my warm 

and friendly life, the other 
one I haven’t shown 
you with meditations in it 
on the position of loved ones. 
On the bed, usually, on the couch 
expectantly. I derive 
how to expect 
from your mountain 
of goodness. 

It’s been so long 
since I was weak and wrote 
to tell you so. 
And in that time 
da dum da dum 
you never need to know. 
Wanderlust consecrated, 

a diamond-dragon 
in registers of “What is fierce? 
What is holy. ” 
Look at the shining river 
by cloud, by sky, non-vegetable 
education. Could I grow to be 

a train conductor? 
in little ways, not the ways 
I have been shown 
automatically, my neighbor 
humming like a tuning fork 
program of grace 
I’ve got it all over her 
eyelids, like hoods they are 
but she lifts them. 
It worked out 
in the end, 
the sky achieving height above 
the window. 

Imagine that I drink a can of beer 
every day at four o’clock 
and watch the sun get a little 
low. That’s the lyric. 

I know how I get. 
That impulse.