Unlock this secret for good. The truth?
It’s coming, this devouring the green, it’s in the post:
coastal cities underwater, this holy appetite: our thirst was the key, our hunger.
The truth: Strike me from the record. <The drone strike is coming>
Really? Really? This We? As in: We’re-not-going-anywhere

with our end-y days appetite, The People, cuh, people,
swarming in schools of Asian carp, in waves of refugees, in payrolls,
mass extinctions, fluid borders, extinct verbs & the hordes on Black Fridays . . .
In the darkly shining uranium mills, in finely pulverized sand,
We the People are gonna sleep pretty much forever,

with our long ass half-lives <if/if> with our viruses, our styrofoam.
“If somebody wants to rapture me up,” <my mind has been set free>
Michael said, in the wine store, “that’d be just fine with me.”
See: The People, people, irradiated in the tailings, Die,
in orange dayglo capes washing across the overburden, in a thread of repossessions,

in bundled subprime mortgages, <my little bundle><the butterfly screamed>
in one collateralized debt obligation after another, blink after blink,
<what happens when nobody dies><Do we metastasize our loss>
in the world of the ten thousand year per tick Atomic Clock,
in the world of the ten thousand things per toxic asset, ten thousand years

per stroke: The People, the people, people, are out there,
are buried under a mountain, <are/are> just dying to explode.
& poof! <we/we> Gone. In the wind. Burst open in milkweed pods. On the scatter. 
But it’s not gone, are we? White feathers, mushroom clouds,
spent cesium, carbon of course, sky pixels,

cold liquid cash, the hordes1, white horse, riots, gossip,
flash mobs, depleted food stores, all because we forgot to code switch
<read: history><all because we forgot><read: carve out a new coastline>
<decode the synapse> all because the unburned hydrocarbons in the sky <burn>
had been torched at last <we touched Her massive empty face>

</& you & you & you/ />


1One thought fills immensity: It’s a mad mad mad chemical world: BBC News – Emissions of CO2 driving rapid oceans ‘acid trip’ http://bbc.in/17UuuLj · 11:52 AM – 17 Nov 13 · Embed this Tweet