The personal is artificially political just as 
the political is artificially personal. 

Force must be countered with force, hence only good 
can counter the impulse to revenge. 

When the Furies backed down, they didn’t know 
the jury had been rigged; nevertheless 
it was better that they backed down. 

Democracy and art are not experiments. 

The state that kills from the standpoint 
of abstraction has a greater guilt to bear 
than a murderer who kills from 
the standpoint of particularity. 

War profiteering has many means, including 
the sale of poems against war. 

Those who destroy the garden and poison the well 
think that streets will be named for them 
in the future. 

If you imagine you can recognize 
the inner life of others, 
you’re a fool, a fool with a mirror. 

Mountains live longer than trees, trees live 
longer than flowers, and flowers live longer 
than hungry children. 

What we do not know 
deserves sanctification more than what we do know. 

The most dangerous people are bored. 

The world is with end. 

When I’m thinking, I’m not speaking.