Dear Boston Review Reader,

Boston Review plays a critically important role in getting ideas out in the world that can have a real impact in confronting the monumental challenges we face today. That includes the magazine’s ongoing forum presenting a range of serious perspectives and debates on the climate crisis and prospects for a global Green New Deal. It also includes its series on neoliberalism, which has sharpened our understanding of this most malignant, contemporary variant of capitalism.

Boston Review also organizes extremely valuable public conversationssuch as the one just last night on Israel and Palestine. This program highlighted the work of the outstanding peace and social justice organization Standing Together, whose membership and leadership includes equal numbers of Jews and Palestinians. Participants in this panel also included James Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute, Congressman Jim McGovern, and one of us (Noam).

Everything on Boston Review’s website and all its virtual events are completely free to everyone. Yet of course, it takes ongoing commitment and hard work by BR staffers to consistently publish high-quality work that matters and to organize events that reach large international audiences.

Boston Review deserves our financial support. Please join us in helping to sustain this outstanding publication by making a tax-deductible donation at

In solidarity,

Noam Chomsky and Bob Pollin